Problems in our relationships often create our most serious distress and most confusing challenges.  We all want more harmonious relationships, but we may feel it’s not possible to achieve that.  Not true!  There are things we can do for ourselves to improve the situation, even if the other party does not change.

  • Consider the relationship issue in a new light
  • Expand your understanding of what motivates the behaviors
  • Empower yourself with new options and choices


Relationships Articles

  • Promoting Goodwill

    Promoting Goodwill

    Taking responsibility for promoting goodwill in the world will help humanity’s progress. What exactly is goodwill? The dictionary defines it as “friendly, helpful, or cooperative feelings or attitude” …

  • Cabin Fever

    Cabin Fever

    I recently spent 11 days in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan during the peak of one the snowiest and coldest months on record up there. My husband and I have a ski house there, and have been going up in the winter for many years. Now that we’re retired, my husband likes to spend most of the winter there, and he pretty much skies every day. I used to ski quite a bit too, but now I am not so interested anymore, and when I go up, I spend most of the time inside. And until these recent 11 days, I thought I was content to do so …

  • The Dragon Within

    The Dragon Within

    Who am I, what is my inner child, who is my inner dragon, and what is the cave within?  Some occurrences have happened for me to ask these questions and many people who are on the quest to know themselves also ask these questions at some point …

  • My Legacy From Angry Parents

    My Legacy From Angry Parents

    For years I was angry with my parents for what they did that hurt me and for what they didn’t do that I needed. I was still that scared little girl who would hide from my family. I was depressed for years because I didn’t have a way to process my childhood and everything else that happened once I was an adult. It seemed that all the emotional trauma that I kept inside …

  • Making A Choice From The Heart

    Making A Choice From The Heart

    Now, at this time, humans are faced with a moment of truth wherein a choice must be made. This choice has long been predicted; often referred to as the coming “Judgment Day”. Symbolically speaking, this suggests the need for individuals to consciously decide which path of the heart they wish to follow …

  • All I Want For Christmas is a little Deep Peace

    All I Want For Christmas is a little Deep Peace

    As we approach the end of this year, the holiday season, and the beginning of a new year, what I plan to do is to take some time to shift gears into a quieter, more peaceful space. Take some time to reflect on things, and to remember that there is more going on here than just what we see in the outer world …

  • Moving Into Your Heart

    Moving Into Your Heart

    In Chinese Medicine, the heart is called the sea of tranquility. They also say that the only job of the heart is to be an open vessel for Spirit. They say that the Shen (Spirit) birds won’t come home to roost in the heart unless it is peaceful …

  • Love Is A Force

    Love Is A Force

    Surprisingly, the Traditional Wisdom Teachings point out that love is neither a sentiment nor an emotion, nor is it desire or a selfish motive for the right action in a person’s daily life. But that Love is the wielding of the force which guides the worlds and which leads to unity …

  • Making Room for Donald Trump

    Making Room for Donald Trump

    From the beginning of this election cycle, I never saw Donald Trump as a serious or realistic presidential candidate. But now I feel called upon to change my view, if for no other reason than I have around me a number of people who have become his supporters. This includes a loved one very close to me, my own dear husband …

  • Appreciation


    This is a simple, straightforward “thank you” note to all the people everywhere who get up every morning and go out, or stay in, and do their jobs and keep everything going all around the world. Most of us won’t be well known beyond our connections to family, friends and community …

  • Shedding Light on Abuse

    Shedding Light on Abuse

    . . . is a Start to Better Human Relating. If we truly want peace in our hearts and peace on this planet, we must end the trauma of rape for humanity. Rape is a weird, creepy issue that makes us uncomfortable. If we can confront this problem, we can start fixing it …

  • Room at the Table

    Room at the Table

    Sadly, we who were founded in diversity also have a historical pattern of allowing in “foreigners”, often with suspicion, then causing them to feel separate and less-than. Time and again, after one group settled in, it became less than welcoming to the next group …

  • Lessons of Love

    Lessons of Love

    Ancient Wisdom teachings define love as, “…not an emotion, sentiment, desire or selfish motive for right action,” but as “an impersonal magnetic force that holds everything together.” Love works in harmony, encompasses all life and is in constant motion.  All creation is an expression of love …

  • Letter From The Heart

    Letter From The Heart

    Dear Dad,
    When we are children, we see a world where we make ongoing decisions about the nature of reality.  We can make some very strong decisions that can affect the rest of our lives.  And it could take many years of effort after we “grow up” to undo some of those decisions …