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  • A Fiddler on the Roof?

    A Fiddler on the Roof?

    It’s holiday time once again! That realization got me to thinking about the ever-shifting expressions of the season. Cultural traditions, such as holidays, are foundational to human society. All through humanity’s long (and colorful) history cultures and their societies have developed meaningful ritualistic celebrations that have anchored their collective values …

  • Abracadabra (As I Speak, So I Create)

    Abracadabra (As I Speak, So I Create)

    Besides the words “please” and “thank you”, there is another magic word we’re all familiar with, “Abracadabra”.  It strikes me as an unusual word, and recently, I learned there are some interesting roots to that word. It is said to stem from the Aramaic phrase meaning “as I speak, so I create”. Well, we know magicians used the phrase and things did happen as they directed, but of course, that was manipulated. Is it true, however, that we do create what we say? …

  • A Call For Leadership

    A Call For Leadership

    Most people have heard of the idea that our world is in a process of change due to the shifting location of our planet as our solar system travels through space. Astrological science suggests that our planet has entered into a new environment long known as “Aquarius.” If true, it means that the life on our planet is now being impacted by different subtle energies that are causing things to happen differently than expected. This sudden tendency has shaken people’s confidence in the established norms or familiar rules they have grown accustomed to …

  • Imagineering the Future

    Imagineering the Future

    Have you ever wasted time day-dreaming? Although some still regard the imagination as a vice, a means of escapism, a window into fantasy and make-believe, its true function is just the opposite of this. The imagination is an “image-making facility” and it works with thought to bring new things to life …

  • Are We On The Brink Of A Modern Day Armageddon?

    Are We On The Brink Of A Modern Day Armageddon?

    With all the chaos and upheaval we are seeing on the news, some people are questioning if we are on the brink of a modern day Armageddon. I believe these events are helping our country to deepen its understanding of conflict and compromise. Our nation is in a place that it has never been before …

  • Fate of the Union

    Fate of the Union

    What happened? That’s the great, unanswerable question. We are shocked – not just the United States, but the whole world – by Donald Trump winning our presidential election. Of many possible verbal reactions, the Brits have a word I think expresses it best – “gobsmacked.” We are gobsmacked by this unexpected event …



    To quote a recent TV ad, “Ideas are scary! They are the natural born enemy of the way things are.” Ideas come into the world unannounced, foreign and frightening. New ideas threaten the status quo, for if they are heard they will often lead to change – sometimes creating good and sometimes not …

  • Dreamtime


    The Dreamtime, to the Aboriginal, is the third dimensional world. The longer a dream is a focal point the sooner it becomes ingrained and manifests as a reality here. The belief system includes every one having a dream of this world …

  • When Dreams Are Dashed

    When Dreams Are Dashed

    How often do we build ourselves up for the big dream, get caught up in our own hype without even realizing it?  And then have our dreams dashed with disappointment and a sense of failure …

  • A Better Lifestyle or Life?

    A Better Lifestyle or Life?

    Are they not the same? Most people, if asked, would say no. So what is the difference? Is it semantics or will it make a difference in my life or lifestyle? Huh?

  • We Shouldn’t Tolerate Bullying At Any Age

    We Shouldn’t Tolerate Bullying At Any Age

    It seems almost every week I am talking to someone who is sharing stories of workplace bullying and the emotional trauma it is causing. The energetic qualities of bullying can leave a person feeling intimidated, embarrassed, threatened, fearful, disrespected, undermined, harassed and victimized.

  • The Power of Surrender

    The Power of Surrender

    I used to think surrender was the same as quitting, as giving up.  I have come to see things differently.  We raise our hands in surrender, a gesture of supplication, as we humbly ask for help. There is an element of elevation in it; we must lift up to hand over. In surrendering we do not change our intention or our principles. We do not change who we are or what we believe in. We only realize we have reached our limits in the moment.  We have done all we can for now (…)

  • New True You

    New True You

    Author: Mary Summerbell Every year, as part of our earnest self-improvement efforts, many of us …